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Bio-Oxy™ product range significantly reduces fats, oils & greases and deodorises by pre-treating the wastewater with bacteria that biodegrades the fats into compounds which can be more easily broken down during the subsequent sewage treatment.

Customers using this new method have acknowledged that using Bio-Oxy™ results in the wastewater treatment plants working more efficiently by optimising oxygen transfer and reducing man-hours spent on implementing corrective actions or rectifying problems caused by FOG. Bio-Oxy™ can be adapted and controlled for each individual client’s needs making it superior to its competitors.      


  • Releases millions of good natural bacteria
  • Breaks down fibrous material quicker
  • Increases available nitrogen
  • Easier to agitate and spread
  • Suitable for organic farming


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Our echnology platform uses an innovative matrix and delivery system which prolongs the longevity of bacteria.

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