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The Natural Bio Solutions technology platform uses an innovative matrix and delivery system which prolongs the longevity of bacteria.

This allows Natural Bio Solutions to target specially selected bacteria to problem areas in wastewater systems. The unique gel formula extends the life and potency of the bacteria, improving their ability to attack Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG’s).

The bacteria are time released into the wastewater stream to provide longer-term protection. Our products typically achieve 100% activity when compared to freeze-dried bacteria which may only achieve a low level of activity when applied to a wastewater system. 



Natural Bio Solutions works with its client to resolve and manage wastewater treatment problems.

Following an initial assessment, we put together a unique solution that is tailored to fit the client’s requirements. We have many systems with various applications

  • Waste water systems (Domestic & Industrial)
  • Drain and Grease trap management for industrial and retail premises
  • Septic Tanks maintenance
  • Bio remediation
  • Wetlands
  • Municipal systems management

Bio-Oxy™ product range significantly reduces fats, oils & greases in wastewater

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See how our products can be applied to various setups and configurations

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